Grants Pass, OR, 11/10/2014 – Salon Vollé™ is ready to distribute a wide line of environmentally and socially beneficial products for beauty professionals throughout the Pacific Northwest. Starting this November, Eugene Beauty Supply will be expanding its Salon Vollé inventory of bio-film apparel in order to keep up with the growing demand for products that are not only better for the environment but also better for the social conditions of workers. What’s driving this increase? Loyal customers of beauty salons and stores are now wanting products that are truly better for their own bodies and better for the whole planet.

Eugene Beauty Supply, with its two distribution centers in Eugene and Salem, is now poised to sell earth-friendly products throughout the Pacific Northwest. These products include reusable gloves, aprons, capes and reusable shopping bags, all of which are made from Ecoplas®, a sustainable, non-toxic bio-fabric made from Tapioca. Because Tapioca is a non-GMO crop requiring no seeding and minimal water, and can reproduce harvestable rootstock up to three times a year, it is ideal for transforming its sun-dried starch into Ecoplas. When disposed, Ecoplas products become bio-available for common microbes found in landfills in contrast to 1,000 years it takes for plastics to degrade.

Salon Vollé products have been used in several salons during the past year, including Restoration Beauty and Gillaspie Hair Design in Grants Pass. Due to positive responses from managers and customers, Salon Vollé products are now able to be distributed to a wider market in the salon and wellness industries. Salon owner Rachel Scanlon of Restoration Beauty became aware of the environmental impacts of the salon industry three years ago. “For me, it’s all about the chemicals. I am on a mission to reduce the toxic load…which translates to avoiding chemicals and plastics. My shift is important for everybody on earth, for my children, their children, and for future generations.”

A leading organization in “making beauty sustainable” for North America’s salon industry is Canada’s Green Circle Salons. The Green Circle website features a homepage video that sums up its bold mission to bring about a green conversion for the entire salon industry by 2020 ( Salon Vollé is leading the way in the Pacific Northwest to support this wider movement. Knowing that every salon produces nearly one ton of waste per year, much of which is toxic waste, Carol Nicholas, Vice President of Innovation for Salon Vollé, is on a mission to replace any beauty industry product made from plastic, latex, vinyl, foil or nitrile, all of which leave a large carbon footprint in the manufacturing and take more than 500 years to degrade. Combs, brushes, tint strips, and tint bowls made from Ecoplas are now in the development stages.

“People in the salon and wellness industries are finally waking up to the fact that most of their products contain carcinogenic and toxic chemicals that are proven harmful to us and our earth,” says Nicholas. “It’s great to see the turning of the tide.” This green conversion has recently been backed up by reports showing how increased sales for natural, non-toxic beauty products are outpacing conventional products.

In the end, it is the front-line, hands-on professionals and money-paying customers that are moving this ‘green train’ forward, and one by one, salon managers, product distributors, and manufacturers are getting on board. Brittney James, Hairdresser at Gillaspie Hair Design, first became aware of the issues when Salon Vollé products were introduced to her salon. “Before that, I had no clue. I didn’t realize how many products we use in the salon industry are carcinogenic and harmful to our health. We all need to jump on board and make a difference.” One of her clients said, “I love your products and the fact that they are making a positive impact on our environment. Your salon is truly making a difference!”